Blue Flower

  1. Acquisition of Qom state Basij superior professor award, Spring 2008
  2. Acquisition of presidential award for best Quran software (KhademolQuran), 2005

  3. Receive scholarships for the School of Computer Science and Engineering University of Michigan, U.S., 2001
  4. Award Thirteenth Annual International Kharazmi Festival president, Iran's most prestigious technical awards, produce multimedia encyclopedia software Quran, Tehran, Iran, 2000
  5. Award for best Islamic software from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tehran, Iran, 1999
  6. Second place graduate of the University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1997
  7. Program manager and technical editor of the third seminar on Islamic science and computers, Qom, Iran, 1995
  8. Rank first graduating undergraduates from the University of Qom, Iran, 1990
  9. First Rank in the level of diplomas from Imam high school, Kashan, Iran, 1980